New Releases, Outlet & more!

Hello my friends! Lots of news today 😀 First, there is a new release at Label Motion mainstore. It is called Dolly, and this pack includes 6 static poses, 6 dolls with pose, 6 dolls without pose, pose hud, pose stand & tiny versions of all the dolls to carry in your hand. I hope you like! ❤ Teleport HERE to Label Motion to try de DEMO or to make them yours! 

Label Motion - Dolly


Secondly, a new pack of pose modifiers is available too! Here you can take a look at the new pack and the old ones. Now every pack is for sale with a lower price. I hope you like! 🙂 Teleport to Label Motion HERE and learn how to use the modifiers HERE.

Label Motion - Holding #2 Mod


And last but not least, some packs of poses have been moved to the Outlet corridor & to the Artistic corridor. The ones that are on the artistic corridor keep the same price, and the ones moved to the outlet corridor are now for sale with a lower price. Click HERE to teleport to Label Motion! ❤