New Location & Gifts!

LM Cartel Artistic


Hello friends! Today I have news for you. My store has moved to a new location due to some changes. I have changed some prices, and now you can also find there a corridor with artistic poses, and another with discounted poses (outlet corridor 50% off).
Because of all these changes, I have prepared 2 gifts that you will be able to find next to the christmas tree buying 2 gift boxes (see pictures below).
You will be able to find there all the old subscriber gifts or free-gift packs that I have been doing since my store opened in 2010 (they are in some bags next to the counter).

And last but not least, I want to thank Kenneth Uxlay, Nyu Kimono and Gia Pawpad for their great help during these days. You are amazing guys, your cooperation has been of great help. I will be forever grateful! And of course, Mimikri Kit, you are such a very nice person. I have been very comfortable and happy in your sim. Thanks so much for all! My best wishes for you!

Hugs for you all! I hope you enjoy the new Label Motion.

– Click HERE to visit the new Label Motion Mainstore –


My Balloon Pet vendor

Label Motion - I'm too cute GIFT