Discount pack @ L I M I T E D B A Z A A R.






Hello all! Here I am again with a new discount pack! This time for…


A new bi-weekly limited sale event which will take place at the wonderful shopping mall EUPHORIA. The first round of this event starts today at 12 PM SLT. You will be able to go there from this time, to enjoy various discount items from different stores.

You can click HERE to teleport to Limited Bazaar from 12 PM SLT.

This pack includes 4 static poses, pose-hud wearable anywhere where the scripts are allowed, pose stand with show-hide option, and shopping bags.

Price: L$ 50.


More news at Label Motion! The Artistic Room is finally open! First round of individual poses for sale. They are sold separately (there are no packs in this room). At the moment there are around 50 poses. You can also take free poseballs clicking on the panel of the wall of this room, so it will be easier to edit your position when you are posing. Just drop the animation in the content tab of the poseball and sit on it!



And finally, Carla discount pack is still available at Perfect Wardrobe! 4 static poses + HUD + pose stand. LS 50.




Hugs for everyone, have a good weekend!

xoxo ♥